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The Three Sisters

Frequently Asked

 Look below to find answers to some frequently asked questions. We will be adding to this list as more questions come up that may be of interest to most of our clients.


Q: How long does it take to build a custom Home?

Typically, our homes take 12 to 14 months to complete, once construction begins. There is also the time it takes to meet with our designers, complete the designs and get approvals and permits. This can take an additional 2-6 months depending on how the design process goes.

*Presently Central Oregon is experiencing a housing boom and getting County and Resort approvals
is taking longer than normal. Please
bear with us as we try to get this process done as fast as we can.

Q: How much does it cost to build a home in Bend, Oregon?

Every home, just as every client, is different. The price depends on many factors. The square footage, lumber prices, the level of finish items. For more info, contact us to schedule a meeting with Frank.

Q: Do you have plans that we can look at to see what type of homes you offer?

Each one of our homes are designed specifically for the individual owners.  We have had several clients like previous homes that they have based their home on, but we still listen to our clients wants and needs and design the home to make it their own.

FRC Design Builders Home Owner's Manual

Q: How much do Custom Home Builders Charge?

Custom Home Builders charge a fee above the cost to build the home. Most will charge a flat percentage, what we call Cost Plus. The cost of labor and materials plus a markup. We offer this as well as another option with Fixed prices and  Allowance items.

The markup varies. It is a good idea to interview several builders to compare.

To find out what we are currently charging please schedule a time to meet with Frank and we can discuss your project.

Q: Do I need my own land to build on?

Yes, FRC Design Builders only builds

pre-sold homes on the owners' land.

We build in Brasada Ranch, The Highlands at Broken Top, Tetherow, Eagle Crest and throughout the Bend area.

Q: What kind of questions should I ask a Custom Home Builder?

When choosing a Custom Home Builder it is important to work with someone that not only has experience, but also someone that you can work well with. Our homes generally take 12 months or more to build, that is a long time to work with someone. Ask for references from previous clients.

For specific questions on products or

services please contact our vendors and

suppliers on our "Our Team" page.

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