Central Oregon Sunset

Photo by John Fleshman

The Charities we
Proudly Support

 FRC Design Builders has proudly been donating to these charities for over 20 years now. Please contact any of these charities through the links below and donate if you can.


Our Preferred Charities

Bethlehem Inn is a non-denominational, community-based facility providing shelter, help and hope to those experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon.

To learn more about Bethlehem Inn and/or donate,

just click the Bethlehem Inn button above.

Central Oregon YFC connects our youth with God, society, and themselves in a healthy way. We do this by helping them lead

a balanced life, a life that is based upon the word of God.

To learn more about Central Oregon Youth for Christ and/or donate, just click the Central Oregon Youth for Christ button above.

Our number one goal is to help you make the right choice for you, and to provide you with a support system of women, many of whom have been in similar situations, who will share honest and accurate information.  Although our area of expertise is in unplanned and crisis pregnancies, we are here for any woman who is pregnant or has a child under two years old.

To learn more about Pregnancy Resource Centers and/or donate, just click the Pregnancy Resource Centers button above.

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